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Eastlake Pool cleans and services all types of pool filters. Filter servicing is extremely important for the proper function of your pool. This should be done at a minimum of two times per year. There are three primary types of filters DE, cartridge, and sand. Eastlake Pool services them all!


DE Filters

Diatomaceous Earth filters (DE) consist of a fine powdery filter media that can trap microscopic particles. These pool filters strain out algae spores, dirt, dust, and bacteria. The DE filter requires backwashing waste to bring down pump pressure and sometimes requires more thorough cleanings. This requires a complete breakdown, inspection, and lube. Improper care can lead to serious malfunctions that can be costly. As licensed pool technicians, Eastlake Pool ensures proper car of DE filters for your pool!


Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters need to be cleaned out fairly often, every 3 to 4 months depending amount of pool use and foliage around the pool area. Cartridges filters need replacement when the components begin to break down. Eastlake Pool inspects cartridge filters with our weekly pool service to ensure proper pool function. We can service cartridge filters for any San Diego pool.


Sand Filters

Sand filters require service periodically or when the pressure doesn't lower with backwashing. The sand can last a long time, but can become hardened with minerals, lotions, and oils. Once the sand deteriorates cleaning and replacement is required. Eastlake Pool services sand filters and can maintain your system with our weekly pool service.



Pool filters are an integral component for the proper function and maintenance of your pool. Eastlake Pool specializes in San Diego pool filter servicing and can keep your pool in perfect running order. We use Fiber Clear filter media instead of Diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a know carcinogen & is harmful to the environment. Fiber Clear is an environmentally friendly product that is more effective than De & is completely Bio degradable. Contact Eastlake Pool today for a quote.



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