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Pool Maintenance


Eastlake Pool proudly maintains San Diego pools from residential to commercial pools. We offer a popular weekly service that can save you time and money. This service is designed to discover pool problems before they get out of hand, pool chemical maintenance, and maintaining the filter properly. These services can reduce the need for more expensive pool repairs. Further, disregard for pool maintenance can lead to unhealthy water carrying bacteria and diseased mosquitoes, known as green pool. Eastlake Pool is proud to offer eco-friendly pool service options in San Diego. All of our pool services are available as one-time or weekly, contact Eastlake Pool today.



Weekly Pool Service

Eastlake Pool offers a comprehensive weekly service that will save you money. Don't allow your pool to fall into disrepair! For less than the average cost of basic weekly yard maintenance, you can keep your pool in great shape. Do-it-yourself pool service can be a hassle and cost nearly the same as our weekly pool service. Eastlake Pool will take the hassle out of owning a pool and at a reasonable price!


Eastlake Pool’s weekly pool service includes checking the pool chemicals, adjusting pool chemicals to proper levels, brushing the pool walls and steps, skimming the pool, emptying all baskets, and a visual inspection of all pool equipment. Our pool technicians can find issues before they become costly. Eastlake Pool will keep your pool looking great and ready for your family to enjoy. Maintaining your pool properly will decrease the need for more costly repairs in the future. Further, we offer eco-friendly services and are dedicated to being San Diego’s green pool service. Contact Eastlake Pool to save time and money today!


Pool Start Up

Filling your pool can be very tedious and has many steps. This is an important step to filling your pool and starting the equipment. The correct pool water chemistry is important for family safety, avoiding expensive equipment failures, and damaging the pool surface. In addition, improperly introducing chlorine at the wrong stage of pool start up can lead to damaging chemical reactions. Eastlake Pool offers pool start up services to take the worry out of owning a pool. We put in the right amount of chemicals to ensure proper ph-balance of the pool water. Avoid damaging expensive equipment and take the worry out of your pool. Contact us today for San Diego pool start up service today.



Green Pool Service

Your pool can become green in San Diego in a very short time. This is often caused by improper chemical balance caused by pool leaks or lack of consistent maintenance. Green pools are extremely dangerous and can cause extreme health risks. If caught in the early stages Eastlake Pool may be able to revive your pool with several treatments. We offer many solutions to green pool regardless of the stage. Not only is the pool unhealthy, it attracts West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes and violates San Diego County ordinances.


Eastlake Pool offers comprehensive green pool services including information on preventive maintenance and green pool treatment options. Our weekly pool service and proper filter maintenance can help avoid the green pool issue altogether. However, Eastlake Pool is here to take care of all your San Diego pool service and repair needs. Contact us today for pool solutions.


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